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Well Known German Companies for Massage Industry

When it comes to massage therapy in Germany, it is an accepted medical procedure that has been in practice for many years. After the Germany government reduced the health fund reimbursement benefits, citizens are now paying for their medical treatment fully. Still, various medical doctors are prescribing massage therapy as a preliminary series of treatment to relieve certain disorders including back and neck-related pains. This is a clear indication that many physicians recognize the benefits of clinical massage therapies, but conventional pharmaceutical medications are also recommended.massage theraphy

The acceptance of massage treatment by the medical society has been integrated into the health care expertise area. Any person who is interested in becoming a professional massage therapist must have been learning in a massage health college for at least 2 years. After this period of learning, the person is accredited as a professional massage therapist as well as a medical pool attendant. A medical pool attendant is a person who has completed a diploma course and is capable of working in an indoor pool environment that offers a wide range of therapeutic treatments for different clients.

Indoor Swimming PoolIn entire Europe and in Germany in particular, indoor pools offer a relaxing environment during cooler months and a suitable atmosphere where the exercise can be carried out appropriately above zero degrees. When a person is in college, he or she is subjected to a lot of practical work, after which he or she will start working under supervision by an experienced and professional massage therapist for 6 months. To finish the full diploma course, a student will sit for an examination with the department of health that features both the theory and practical aspects.

This test is recognized nationally as it results in a full massage therapy qualification. When a student acquires the diploma, he or she is entitled to start working in their private massage clinics as well as in other health resorts where they undertake all therapeutic spa treatments including lymphatic drainage, Kneipp cures, and massages. In addition, many of these massage clinics include the best massage chairs for situations that do not require a human touch.

There are several well-known massage therapy clinics all over the country, which have been approved to be professional and reputable to provide massage therapies. This article will discuss a few of the reliable companies that offer massage therapies in Germany.

Massagio On-Line

Massagio on-line is known as the first platform, which allows clients to simply make an order massage therapy services regardless of location and time as long as the client is living in Germany. The company has several professional massage therapists who are qualified and accredited by the department of health in the country. Through the company’s network of massage therapists, you can find the best masseuse to suit your needs. Whether you are in the office, home, or hotel, massagio brings the professional at the comfort of your place.


Koerperwerkstatt massage centerThis massage therapy company is located in Berlin, Germany. It boasts highly qualified massage therapists who can make a significant change in your health. They are highly recommended for sports people since they offer a wide range of therapeutic treatments to athletes, footballers and other sports people who require a healing massage therapy. While they are so brilliant, if you go to your GP in advance, they may allow you to use health insurance coverage to pay for the services.

Sophak Trd. Thai massage

This is located in Berlin, Germany and it is known for offering a relaxing massage that can improve your muscle fatigue. People who have been in this facility have benefited from their services, especially patients suffering from neck-related pains, muscle fatigue, and poor blood flow. Also, people looking for Thai massage therapy visit Sophak in Berlin. The company is operated by a woman masseuse who is said to have improved quality of life of many people.

Ashema Wierowski, Massagen be-touched

be touchedThis massage center is located in Berlin, Germany. It is run by a woman massage therapist who is a Bilingual native. She has trained her professionalism in Esalen in California, which is one of the most popular colleges for students studying massage therapy courses. Interestingly, her company is a final choice for many people who are looking for massage service for loved ones. Do not forget that giving your spouse a gift of massage is one of the greatest ideas you should have in mind!

Physiotherapiepraxis Karim Zighmi

It is located in Berlin, Germany and known for helping people recover from chronic disorders, during the recovery period, or during a rehabilitation process. Some of the company’s happy clients had nerve sprains on their neck, elbow, or wrist. Such sprains tend to make your body part feel numb, and therefore this masseuse can help you recover from the pain.

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