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Macerating Toilet Innovations/What is a Macerator Pump Used for?

There are several reasons to why you need to add a full-on bathroom to your home or any other place where a toilet is required. However, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the choice of design, finish, color, and all other pretty stuff. The best plans should be based on the climate area, gravity, and also the nature of the existing plumbing system. The dreams of having an effective and efficient bathroom fade away due to the location which is far from the main drain line. Such situation requires a major plumbing overhaul, which is also too expensive for some of the homeowners.full-on-bathroom-to-your-home

In most of the occasions, plumbing overhaul is done in the basements where the bathroom drain is below the level of the main drain line. When the gravitational pull is not sufficient to aid waste movement out of the house, you need an alternative means to transport it. The most common option is the macerating toilet, though, some people consider adding a sewage ejector pump.

What are Macerating Toilets, Anyway?

What are Macerating Toilets,When you flush a normal toilet, it will send the waste materials through the trap and into the waste line, and then into the main drain line to a septic tank or sewer. Since the drain line is below the toilet level, gravity will pull the waste into it. This is also what happens with tubs and sinks. Macerating toilets, also known as upflush toilets, sends waste material to a macerating unit that can be either located on the wall or behind the toilet. The waste is liquefied by high-powered blades and then forced out of the unit through a pipe tied to the main drain pipe.

Macerating toilets cost more than the ordinary toilets, but you can connect a smaller pipe to an existing system cheaply as compared to overhauling the entire thing. Whether it is a basement converted into a bedroom or a workshop toilet outside your home, you can install macerating toilets in a number of situations as long as they are situated within the range of the main drain. However, this range is controlled by the pump power which varies from one model to another. Normally, the vertical lift is somewhere between 10 and 15 feet while the horizontal run is somewhere between 100 and 150 feet.

Macerating Toilet Installation and Use

What are Macerating Toilets,To install a macerating toilet is an easy task. The entire process can take about 6 hours when done by a professional installer. However, mistakes when installing should be avoided because a small mistake fault can lead to a major problem – this is the last thing any homeowner would want to experience because you will be dealing with a raw sewage.

It is advisable to check the instructions in the manual and ensure you follow them appropriately. it is also vital to ensure that the discharge pipe is the right one as well as ensuring that the unit is well vented. There are a few details that should not be taken for granted while installing the macerating toilets. If you keep an eye on those details, some major problems will be prevented. However, the unit should be installed near a mains power supply, though most of them come with a plug for a grounded outlet.

Macerator Pumps

Macerator pumps are commonly used by boaters or in a recreational camp. They help people to comply with the regulations concerning discharge. A holding tank is usually used to empty into before discharging into docksides. A macerator pump is typically designed for emptying a holding tank. It includes a bronze cutter that is used for grinding waste into small pieces.

Electric macerator pump can be used as macerators, used to pump a holding tank, or pump certain toilet types. They are very compact and require a small space for installation. The waste to be discharged is passed through a bronze cutter to reduce the size of the particles, and then the impeller pump forces it through a hose pipe.

It breaks up solid particles to reduce the risk of clogging.

Can be used to pump into a holding tank or empty a holding tank

It requires small amount of water to flush the waste (if it is installed on the tank’s input side)

It may require between 10 to 15 amps of power depending on the model

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