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Innovative Technologies for Lumbar Support for Office Chairs

According to various studies on office health, about 85% of office workers complain about their furniture. Many say their chairs cause discomfort while others claim that they need to change their chairs in order to improve the comfort of their working environments. This is where the issue of ‘ergonomic chair’ comes in. The word ergonomic sounds fancy – which seems to be out of reach for many office Joes. However, ergonomic simply refers to office furniture, which is capable of providing the best possible comfort to workers. If a worker is happy while sitting on an office chair, perhaps he or she will improve the job health for sitting

Undoubtedly, sitting for many hours at an office desk can cause back and neck-related pains. For many years, health experts have been linking back pains, muscle fatigue, stress, depression, and other musculoskeletal disorders to prolonged sitting as well as the poor sitting posture in offices. That said, the society has been thinking on how best to improve comfort in offices. So far, measures have been taken to address the issue of sitting-related disorders by introducing and advocating the use of new ergonomic office chairs. These chairs are designed while mainstreaming innovative technologies to make them appropriate for all office workers.

The Right Chair to Fit Your Body

office healthAn office chair brings to mind stronger emotional and physical attachments than any other office equipment. This is because an office worker will spend more time sitting in the chair than doing any other office duty. Actually, workers such as the IT support staff spend more time sitting in their office chairs than their beds at home. Those established companies who take the health of their workers seriously understand the benefits of using a good chair. These benefits go far beyond the beauty because comfort and health of your workers can be reflected by the level of performance and output.

Well-designed office chairs should be equipped with various features that are backed by intensive ergonomic research. An ergonomic chair should be able to support your lumbar and back. Also, your feet should be planted on the ground or floor, the thighs should be kept parallel to the floor, while the knees are at right-angle. The chair should also allow height adjustment so that the monitor of your computer is just below your eye level. The wrist should be kept straight as you extend them towards the computer’s keyboard. Even though several companies supply these modern office chairs, they do not take their time to train their employees on how to use the features.

Benefits of Ergonomic Office Chairs

benefits of ergonomic chairsApart from being better for your health and easier for your body, ergonomic chairs are an integral part of the investment to boost productivity in an office. Creating an ergonomic working environment for your employees, your company can enhance workers’ performance by 10%. This is because the staff personnel will be happier and comfortable, and therefore boosting the level of output. In short, a happy employee will work more efficiently. Do not expect a higher output when the workers are complaining of backaches and eye straining. When the workers are using poorly designed chairs, they will spend a significant amount of time shifting in their chairs and stretching their muscles to find comfort. This translates to poor productivity and may result in the collapse of the business over time because workers will not be willing to work in your company. Additionally, physical straining causes psychological torture, making concentration on the job a bit difficult.

correct sitting postureFollowing some studies on job absenteeism, musculoskeletal disorders are the major causes of lost work days. This shows that the workers are experiencing strains and injuries while in the office, resulting in over one-third off days due to sickness. If the injury requires special medical attention, the worker may have a prolonged absence and probably lead to workplace compensation. Nowadays, many employers have started realizing this issue. That is why many offices have begun investments on ergonomic office chairs. Supplying these new chairs to create an ergonomic work environment, the return on investment will start showing within a short period of time.

Should Your Business Invest in Ergonomic Chairs?

Today, many companies are spending about 15% of the office furniture budget on chairs only. This is because the employers understand the negative impact of having poorly designed office chairs. The value is more than just aesthetic because good health is quite vital for all employees. Ergonomic chairs provide comfort, hence increasing productivity. Therefore, investing in ergonomic office chairs is worth every penny!

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