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GROHE Leads the Way in Innovation

Being a world leader in the provision of sanitary fittings such as faucets and stainless steel sinks, and a renowned global brand that is dedicated to providing innovative water products, GROHE was given several major design awards for various products. These innovative products include; the Sensia Arena shower toilet, the Blue Home water system, the Lineare bathroom faucet, the Concetto Professional kitchen faucet line, and the Essence Professional kitchen faucet line.grohe

reddot awardAmong the most acknowledged awards is the Red Dot because it is highly sought-after, and it honors outstanding design performance. The recognition of the GROHE’s innovation is included in the six awards of the Red Dot this year for the LIXIL Corporation, which is a well-known and leading sanitary ware in the global market. The LIXIL includes various premium brands including the GROHE.

The Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen holds the global design competition in Germany through assessing the top quality year’s products. Various stylists, fashionistas, manufacturers, and designers from different parts of the world bring their products for appraisal. The reviewing process of the products is done by highly specialized experts whereby they consider various aspects including the level of innovation, ergonomics, functionality, the degree of sturdiness, and environmental compatibility. This year, there were over 5,000 products that were submitted by different manufacturers and designers from more than 50 countries globally. Today, Grohe is one of the most popular industrial kitchen faucet manufacturer in the market.

The GROHE’s products that were presented were outstanding and had high intelligent to address issues through improved designs suitable for the modern kitchens and bathrooms. Since GROHE is a global leader of sanitary products, it successfully boasted its ability to top the market by acquiring the five awards for the 5 design awards; the Sensia Arena, the Blue Home system for domestic water, the Lineare bathroom faucet, the Concetto Professional kitchen faucet line, and the Essence Professional kitchen faucet line.

grohe bathroom designGROHE is a classified water source that produces high-quality taste and safe water. The brand’s innovative and environmentally safe domestic water system supplies drinkable water and then chilled it by applying 3 series of carbonation levels directly from the kitchen faucet. This overrode the demand for mineral water that is manufactured in various industries all over the world. The result was reduced cost of water by about 50% while reducing the generation of carbon by approximately 61% when compared to production of bottled water. GROHE proved the hygienic aspects and convenient through its shower toilets, which marked modern principles in the area of intelligent sanitation considerations.

The amazing balanced proportions demonstrated by both kitchen and bathroom faucets combined the highly flimsy material that the company ever created. The faucet has a plane spout accompanied by a visible restrained lever that includes a clean and modern appeal. With their distinguishable streamlined and slim body design, the Concetto Professional kitchen faucet line, and the Essence Professional kitchen faucet line brings together a sense of design and elegance as well as featuring high-performance capabilities. This makes the kitchen a place where one can work in a more effective and comfortable manner. GROHE stands out as the world’s trend of uniqueness with the extended faucets that come in sumptuous colors and artistic character features. Extending such new faucet into the kitchen and bathroom, GROHE proved its outstanding innovative skills.

GROHE being part of the LIXIL, the brand brings a high potential and innovative brand with the world’s resources and leader in technology, courtesy of LIXIL. This year’s awards of Red Dot, GROHE scooped six of them, the combination has proved its market value and thus building on the brand’s core values; design, technology, quality, and sustainability.


GROHE is a global leader in the provision of innovative sanitary and water products. Over the years, GROHE has been advocating improvement in technology applications, design, quality, and environmental safety. These values describe the GROHE’s dedication to exceptional and excellent production while ensuring sustainability considerations are taken care of. GROHE is also proud of carrying out its ground-breaking productions in Germany, and that is why all its products bear a badge of quality and pride. This gives customers a sense of trust and confidence as they use the brand’s products.

Every manufacturing plant of GROHE ensures a high level of accuracy in production to steer up compliance and meet the legal requirements. GROHE’s products are capable of catching up with the rigid demands in terms of form, functionality, and workmanship.

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