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Fan Systems/Bathroom Exhaust Fans – What to Look For!

Bathroom exhaust fansWhether your bathroom provides a luxurious shower similar to a spa retreat, the humidity and steam coming along with the shower water might be causing destruction on the quality of air. That is why it is advisable to include the bathroom fan to enhance the quality of air. Bathroom exhaust fans are installed either into the ceiling or wall and designed to improve airflow, add ventilation, and decrease excessive humidity level.

Literally, they get rid of warm moisture from the bathroom and drain it to the outside through the house’ ducts. The bathroom fans help prevent problems brought about by mildew and mold, and therefore maintain a healthy indoor air quality as well as keeping your family safe and comfortable. Therefore, below are the 5 main things to consider when buying a bathroom exhaust fan.

The right size

If you select the right size of bathroom fan based on the bathroom’s size, you will ensure that sufficient ventilation is achieved. The exhaust fans are rated and sized by their capability to drive air in cubic feet per minute (CFM). A small and less powerful fan will move less air and therefore suitable for small bathrooms. Those units that can generate higher CFMs are perfect for larger rooms.

Exhaust fan installation

Bathroom exhaust fans installationBathroom exhaust fans can either be installed into the ceiling or wall. Most of the units have integrated duct adapters which connect to a home’s ductwork. The fan should be installed in such a way that it moves air outside of the house through the ductwork. Remember, the air should not be vent into an attic because it transfers moist warm air to another room area within the home, leading to moisture problems. So, consider the place to install the unit, choose a model with the right duct adapter size for your home.


Most of the modern bathroom ventilation fans have various features, which can enhance their operational convenient and effective. Some models have integrated lights, which can reinstate the existing fixtures or include additional lighting. You can find some of the fans with night lights to provide smooth illumination during night time. For those living in colder areas, fans with built-in heaters can be ideal for adding warmth in your house.

You can enhance energy conservation in the house by choosing fans with motion and humidity sensors. Motion sensors detect when a person enters the bathroom and turns the light or fan on. Humidity sensors monitor the bathroom and also stimulate the fan to turn on whenever the level of humidity rises above a certain point or turns off when the humidity drops. The fans with several functions have separate controls for every function or have the option of using all the functions together.

Bathroom exhaust fans types

Noise level

There are some bathroom fans that produce a loud noise, which can interfere with the peaceful retreat that you deserve. While shopping for a fan, you will come across different models that produce different levels of noise – so, choose a quieter fan. Bathroom fan sound is measured in sones based on how it is sensed by a normal listener. If you are looking for a quiet fan, it is advisable to choose a model with a sone rating of 2 or below.


When shopping for a home appliance or system, efficiency should be at the top of your mind. Interestingly, most of the today’s bathroom exhaust fans are more efficient than the traditional ones. For instance, Energy Star fans use 70% less power compared to other conventional and non-Energy Star fans. This means you rest assured of saving on energy. Apart from the general efficiency in energy consumption, reliable fans must meet the low sound emission qualifications, low wattage rating, powerful, and efficient performance.

Before buying a new bathroom exhaust fan, check if it is an Energy Star model so that you can get the benefits of energy saving. It is also recommended to buy a fan with motion and humidity sensor so that it can operate when required. Finding a bathroom exhaust fan is not an easy task given the many things that need to be considered. However, you can seek assistance from a professional bathroom fan installer to give suggestions on the best choices based on your needs.

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