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A Complete Tech Guide to Wine Refrigerators

wine collectorIf you are a serious wine collector, those traditional wine racks are no longer a suitable choice to store your treasured investment. A true wine fanatic, of course, will buy some expensive and sensitive wine bottles that require right storage conditions in order to maintain the quality. The best way to store your wines is by use of wine refrigerators as they ensure the bottles are carefully kept at a controlled temperature.

In this guide, we shall briefly look at the key reason to buy a built-in wine cooler or a built-in wine refrigerator, types of built-in wine refrigerators, and things to consider when buying a new built-in wine cooler.

Reason to Buy a Built-in Wine Cooler

wine storage temperatureIn order to store your wines at an ideal temperature for finest aging, you need a wine cooler. However, many homeowners face the challenge of allocating an extra space to place an additional refrigerator despite the fact that many wine coolers are relatively smaller when compared to the ordinary home refrigerators.

Built-in wine refrigerators can be installed under the countertop. Nowadays, these coolers are becoming popular for many wine collectors who want to store their wines in the best possible temperature condition. The refrigerators not only help you to keep wines but also help to regulate and keep out excessive light that can destroy your wines. Unlike the wine coolers, kitchen refrigerators are colder and allow more humidity to enter the unit. Also, those refrigerators are always full of food stuff, and therefore no available extra space to store a few bottles of wine.

However, built-in wine coolers are more expensive than the ordinary refrigerators. They also require more labor during installation but they will become an integrated part of your home. If the kitchen is already overcrowded, the built-in wine coolers will save the space because they are tucked away from the space. Having a built-in wine cooler does not really mean you must be a serious wine collector because even typical wine lovers can enjoy keeping some bottles of wine for friends and guests.

Types of Built-In Wine Refrigerators

Built-in wine refrigerators work based on two types of technologies; thermoelectric and compressor cooling processes.

Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerators

Thermoelectric wine refrigerators use a technology that is quieter compared to their compressor counterparts. Additionally, they utilize less energy. If you are used to noisy appliances in your house, thermoelectric wine refrigerators will not add more trouble to the existing one. However, they are less powerful and therefore not suitable for cooling a large capacity of wine bottles. Sometimes, the under-counter cooler will experience more heat and a thermoelectric cooler may not be able to cool the bottles up to the required temperature condition.

Compressor Wine Refrigerators

Compressor wine refrigerators utilize a similar technology as the kitchen refrigerator. So, they are loud and vibrate vigorously, meaning they use more energy compared to thermoelectric coolers. Even though they consume more energy, they are powerful and can be able to cool a large capacity of wine bottles. During a hot day, they will perform well and consistently. They are perfect for those looking for good excellent performance rather than a quieter wine cooler.

Things to Consider when Buying a New Wine Refrigerator

Apart from deciding whether to buy a thermoelectric or compressor wine cooler, there are other several things to consider.


Ensure you have a place where you will install the new wine cooler. If you consider buying a freestanding model, you will figure out where to place the unit. For the built-in wine coolers, they should be installed in a space under a counter or somewhere it can become a home’s fixture.


Built-in wine refrigerators vary in prices with the cheapest models going for around $3000 while the high-end models cost several thousands of dollars. However, you need to consider what kind of style, size, capacity, and features you want before deciding to buy a particular wine cooler. Remember, installation costs are separate.


storing wineThis is one of the most crucial things to consider before purchasing a wine cooler. If your kitchen is limited on space, you will have to consider a smaller unit. For large kitchens, think about the bottles you want to keep at a given time. It is also advisable to check the size of bottles that can fit comfortably into the cooler because different manufacturers have different bottle sizes. Based on what kind of wine you want to store, choose a cooler that can accommodate them appropriately.

Number of zones

Many built-in wine refrigerators have a single zone, which means all your wines will be stored at a similar temperature. There are larger wine coolers that come with dual storage zones, meaning you can keep different types of wines at different temperature conditions. If you love both red and white wine, it will be advisable to go for a dual zoned wine cooler.


If you only care about capacity, style may not be a factor to consider. For those that want a good looking unit, there are plenty of models to choose from. You can choose a cooler with LED lighting or find wine coolers with different colors. You can as well research on different models to see what interests you most.

Energy usage

Last but not least, a wine refrigerator will use a significant amount of energy. No matter what model you purchase, your energy bills must increase. However, wine coolers use energy differently. If you are looking for a unit that will not consume a lot of energy, thermoelectric coolers are the best option.

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