GROHE Leads the Way in Innovation

Being a world leader in the provision of sanitary fittings such as faucets and stainless steel sinks, and a renowned global brand that is dedicated to providing innovative water products, GROHE was given several major design awards for various products. These innovative products include; the Sensia Arena shower toilet, the Blue Home water system, the Lineare bathroom faucet, the Concetto Professional kitchen faucet line, and the Essence Professional kitchen faucet line.grohe

reddot awardAmong the most acknowledged awards is the Red Dot because it is highly sought-after, and it honors outstanding design performance. The recognition of the GROHE’s innovation is included in the six awards of the Red Dot this year for the LIXIL Corporation, which is a well-known and leading sanitary ware in the global market. The LIXIL includes various premium brands including the GROHE.

The Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen holds the global design competition in Germany through assessing the top quality year’s products. Various stylists, fashionistas, manufacturers, and designers from different parts of the world bring their products for appraisal. The reviewing process of the products is done by highly specialized experts whereby they consider various aspects including the level of innovation, ergonomics, functionality, the degree of sturdiness, and environmental compatibility. This year, there were over 5,000 products that were submitted by different manufacturers and designers from more than 50 countries globally. Today, Grohe is one of the most popular industrial kitchen faucet manufacturer in the market.

The GROHE’s products that were presented were outstanding and had high intelligent to address issues through improved designs suitable for the modern kitchens and bathrooms. Since GROHE is a global leader of sanitary products, it successfully boasted its ability to top the market by acquiring the five awards for the 5 design awards; the Sensia Arena, the Blue Home system for domestic water, the Lineare bathroom faucet, the Concetto Professional kitchen faucet line, and the Essence Professional kitchen faucet line.

grohe bathroom designGROHE is a classified water source that produces high-quality taste and safe water. The brand’s innovative and environmentally safe domestic water system supplies drinkable water and then chilled it by applying 3 series of carbonation levels directly from the kitchen faucet. This overrode the demand for mineral water that is manufactured in various industries all over the world. The result was reduced cost of water by about 50% while reducing the generation of carbon by approximately 61% when compared to production of bottled water. GROHE proved the hygienic aspects and convenient through its shower toilets, which marked modern principles in the area of intelligent sanitation considerations.

The amazing balanced proportions demonstrated by both kitchen and bathroom faucets combined the highly flimsy material that the company ever created. The faucet has a plane spout accompanied by a visible restrained lever that includes a clean and modern appeal. With their distinguishable streamlined and slim body design, the Concetto Professional kitchen faucet line, and the Essence Professional kitchen faucet line brings together a sense of design and elegance as well as featuring high-performance capabilities. This makes the kitchen a place where one can work in a more effective and comfortable manner. GROHE stands out as the world’s trend of uniqueness with the extended faucets that come in sumptuous colors and artistic character features. Extending such new faucet into the kitchen and bathroom, GROHE proved its outstanding innovative skills.

GROHE being part of the LIXIL, the brand brings a high potential and innovative brand with the world’s resources and leader in technology, courtesy of LIXIL. This year’s awards of Red Dot, GROHE scooped six of them, the combination has proved its market value and thus building on the brand’s core values; design, technology, quality, and sustainability.


GROHE is a global leader in the provision of innovative sanitary and water products. Over the years, GROHE has been advocating improvement in technology applications, design, quality, and environmental safety. These values describe the GROHE’s dedication to exceptional and excellent production while ensuring sustainability considerations are taken care of. GROHE is also proud of carrying out its ground-breaking productions in Germany, and that is why all its products bear a badge of quality and pride. This gives customers a sense of trust and confidence as they use the brand’s products.

Every manufacturing plant of GROHE ensures a high level of accuracy in production to steer up compliance and meet the legal requirements. GROHE’s products are capable of catching up with the rigid demands in terms of form, functionality, and workmanship.

Innovative Technologies for Lumbar Support for Office Chairs

According to various studies on office health, about 85% of office workers complain about their furniture. Many say their chairs cause discomfort while others claim that they need to change their chairs in order to improve the comfort of their working environments. This is where the issue of ‘ergonomic chair’ comes in. The word ergonomic sounds fancy – which seems to be out of reach for many office Joes. However, ergonomic simply refers to office furniture, which is capable of providing the best possible comfort to workers. If a worker is happy while sitting on an office chair, perhaps he or she will improve the job health for sitting

Undoubtedly, sitting for many hours at an office desk can cause back and neck-related pains. For many years, health experts have been linking back pains, muscle fatigue, stress, depression, and other musculoskeletal disorders to prolonged sitting as well as the poor sitting posture in offices. That said, the society has been thinking on how best to improve comfort in offices. So far, measures have been taken to address the issue of sitting-related disorders by introducing and advocating the use of new ergonomic office chairs. These chairs are designed while mainstreaming innovative technologies to make them appropriate for all office workers.

The Right Chair to Fit Your Body

office healthAn office chair brings to mind stronger emotional and physical attachments than any other office equipment. This is because an office worker will spend more time sitting in the chair than doing any other office duty. Actually, workers such as the IT support staff spend more time sitting in their office chairs than their beds at home. Those established companies who take the health of their workers seriously understand the benefits of using a good chair. These benefits go far beyond the beauty because comfort and health of your workers can be reflected by the level of performance and output.

Well-designed office chairs should be equipped with various features that are backed by intensive ergonomic research. An ergonomic chair should be able to support your lumbar and back. Also, your feet should be planted on the ground or floor, the thighs should be kept parallel to the floor, while the knees are at right-angle. The chair should also allow height adjustment so that the monitor of your computer is just below your eye level. The wrist should be kept straight as you extend them towards the computer’s keyboard. Even though several companies supply these modern office chairs, they do not take their time to train their employees on how to use the features.

Benefits of Ergonomic Office Chairs

benefits of ergonomic chairsApart from being better for your health and easier for your body, ergonomic chairs are an integral part of the investment to boost productivity in an office. Creating an ergonomic working environment for your employees, your company can enhance workers’ performance by 10%. This is because the staff personnel will be happier and comfortable, and therefore boosting the level of output. In short, a happy employee will work more efficiently. Do not expect a higher output when the workers are complaining of backaches and eye straining. When the workers are using poorly designed chairs, they will spend a significant amount of time shifting in their chairs and stretching their muscles to find comfort. This translates to poor productivity and may result in the collapse of the business over time because workers will not be willing to work in your company. Additionally, physical straining causes psychological torture, making concentration on the job a bit difficult.

correct sitting postureFollowing some studies on job absenteeism, musculoskeletal disorders are the major causes of lost work days. This shows that the workers are experiencing strains and injuries while in the office, resulting in over one-third off days due to sickness. If the injury requires special medical attention, the worker may have a prolonged absence and probably lead to workplace compensation. Nowadays, many employers have started realizing this issue. That is why many offices have begun investments on ergonomic office chairs. Supplying these new chairs to create an ergonomic work environment, the return on investment will start showing within a short period of time.

Should Your Business Invest in Ergonomic Chairs?

Today, many companies are spending about 15% of the office furniture budget on chairs only. This is because the employers understand the negative impact of having poorly designed office chairs. The value is more than just aesthetic because good health is quite vital for all employees. Ergonomic chairs provide comfort, hence increasing productivity. Therefore, investing in ergonomic office chairs is worth every penny!

Well Known German Companies for Massage Industry

When it comes to massage therapy in Germany, it is an accepted medical procedure that has been in practice for many years. After the Germany government reduced the health fund reimbursement benefits, citizens are now paying for their medical treatment fully. Still, various medical doctors are prescribing massage therapy as a preliminary series of treatment to relieve certain disorders including back and neck-related pains. This is a clear indication that many physicians recognize the benefits of clinical massage therapies, but conventional pharmaceutical medications are also recommended.massage theraphy

The acceptance of massage treatment by the medical society has been integrated into the health care expertise area. Any person who is interested in becoming a professional massage therapist must have been learning in a massage health college for at least 2 years. After this period of learning, the person is accredited as a professional massage therapist as well as a medical pool attendant. A medical pool attendant is a person who has completed a diploma course and is capable of working in an indoor pool environment that offers a wide range of therapeutic treatments for different clients.

Indoor Swimming PoolIn entire Europe and in Germany in particular, indoor pools offer a relaxing environment during cooler months and a suitable atmosphere where the exercise can be carried out appropriately above zero degrees. When a person is in college, he or she is subjected to a lot of practical work, after which he or she will start working under supervision by an experienced and professional massage therapist for 6 months. To finish the full diploma course, a student will sit for an examination with the department of health that features both the theory and practical aspects.

This test is recognized nationally as it results in a full massage therapy qualification. When a student acquires the diploma, he or she is entitled to start working in their private massage clinics as well as in other health resorts where they undertake all therapeutic spa treatments including lymphatic drainage, Kneipp cures, and massages. In addition, many of these massage clinics include the best massage chairs for situations that do not require a human touch.

There are several well-known massage therapy clinics all over the country, which have been approved to be professional and reputable to provide massage therapies. This article will discuss a few of the reliable companies that offer massage therapies in Germany.

Massagio On-Line

Massagio on-line is known as the first platform, which allows clients to simply make an order massage therapy services regardless of location and time as long as the client is living in Germany. The company has several professional massage therapists who are qualified and accredited by the department of health in the country. Through the company’s network of massage therapists, you can find the best masseuse to suit your needs. Whether you are in the office, home, or hotel, massagio brings the professional at the comfort of your place.


Koerperwerkstatt massage centerThis massage therapy company is located in Berlin, Germany. It boasts highly qualified massage therapists who can make a significant change in your health. They are highly recommended for sports people since they offer a wide range of therapeutic treatments to athletes, footballers and other sports people who require a healing massage therapy. While they are so brilliant, if you go to your GP in advance, they may allow you to use health insurance coverage to pay for the services.

Sophak Trd. Thai massage

This is located in Berlin, Germany and it is known for offering a relaxing massage that can improve your muscle fatigue. People who have been in this facility have benefited from their services, especially patients suffering from neck-related pains, muscle fatigue, and poor blood flow. Also, people looking for Thai massage therapy visit Sophak in Berlin. The company is operated by a woman masseuse who is said to have improved quality of life of many people.

Ashema Wierowski, Massagen be-touched

be touchedThis massage center is located in Berlin, Germany. It is run by a woman massage therapist who is a Bilingual native. She has trained her professionalism in Esalen in California, which is one of the most popular colleges for students studying massage therapy courses. Interestingly, her company is a final choice for many people who are looking for massage service for loved ones. Do not forget that giving your spouse a gift of massage is one of the greatest ideas you should have in mind!

Physiotherapiepraxis Karim Zighmi

It is located in Berlin, Germany and known for helping people recover from chronic disorders, during the recovery period, or during a rehabilitation process. Some of the company’s happy clients had nerve sprains on their neck, elbow, or wrist. Such sprains tend to make your body part feel numb, and therefore this masseuse can help you recover from the pain.

Tech Changes in 2017/Quiet Air Conditioner Innovations

The issue of renewable energy reliance has been proposed by many state governments across the globe. Relying on renewable energy sources has various benefits including promotion of low carbon production development, as well as addressing energy security issues while steering up economic growth. This trend has also been integrated into HVAC technologies. Many companies all over the world are involved in research projects that are geared towards creating a more energy-efficient traditional system, and also a new type of system that runs off alternative energies such as solar and geothermal.renewable-energy

There are green technologies that are bringing changes to the HVAC systems. Also, more improved technologies are expected in the near future as tech companies continue working towards changing reliance on fossil fuels. Consequently, many experts are always looking for ways to improve air conditioners. Every year, various air conditioning technologies are being introduced in order to make the ACs perform more effectively. The modern ACs are more efficient than the traditional models. Additionally, they have become a bit affordable and that is why they are a norm nowadays. As a result, many people are using air conditioners to have a better home climate.

The following are some of the new innovations and technologies in 2017.

Thermally-Driven Air Conditioning

green technologyA thermally driven chiller that is created by an Australian company, Chromasun, offers a low-cost option to the traditional air conditioning units that are electrically powered. These chillers utilize solar energy, but they can also be supplemented by natural gas when the solar power is running short. The solar panels, which are made by the same company, generate high temperature for driving the double-chiller system effectively. The system is said to offer a more improved cooling compared to a photovoltaic system, hence eliminating costs of electricity.

Ice-Powered Air Conditioner

The Ice Energy uses an ice-powered unit known as the Ice Bear to provide cooling in buildings as well as reducing building’s total energy consumption. The Ice Bear functions through chilling 450 gallons of water in a tank and then make the frozen water available for cooling the following day. The Ice Bear is turned from its Ice Charging into Ice Cooling mode so that it can provide cooling for more than 5 hours. Once the ice melts completely, the cooling reverts back to the conventional commercial building AC unit. This is why the Ice Bear works together with a conventional unit.

Quiet-Duct Wrap

Unlike many of the latest technologies, duct wrap has been around for quite some time.  The Quiet-Duct Wrap is considered a green technology and the distribution is available in a few countries including the US. It is made of recycled denim fabric, which has been sidetracked from the landfill. While it has low VOCs and no irritants, it also reduces heat loss and gain, which happens via the air ducts. With the absence of fiberglass, it eliminates the possibilities of skin irritation and itching, as well as carrying a Class-A Fire Rating. It has an aluminum barrier that offers protection from moisture, air currents, vapors, as well as reflecting unnecessary radiant heat.

Energy Analysis Software

According to Trane, a world’s provider of heating and air conditioning systems, the energy analysis software can be used to project an energy efficient and cost-saving HVAC system for a particular space before installing and using the system. It can also be used by architects and engineers as an appropriate tool for designing purposes. The equipment can be used to project the energy usage of a building as well as taking into consideration the outcome of non-HVAC methods such as applications of reflective roofing.


Some of the air conditioning technologies have not been approved fully, and therefore they are still concepts. However, once they turn to be a reality, there will be many changes as far as air conditioners functionalities are concerned. Sound-wave cooling and smart-metals are also other technologies in the AC industry. The sound-wave cooling utilizes the helium gas rather than the refrigerant. On the other hand, the smart-metal is still a concept and uses shape memory alloys capable of transforming in response to applied stress, and thus capable of removing heat from a room during the transformation process.

Macerating Toilet Innovations/What is a Macerator Pump Used for?

There are several reasons to why you need to add a full-on bathroom to your home or any other place where a toilet is required. However, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the choice of design, finish, color, and all other pretty stuff. The best plans should be based on the climate area, gravity, and also the nature of the existing plumbing system. The dreams of having an effective and efficient bathroom fade away due to the location which is far from the main drain line. Such situation requires a major plumbing overhaul, which is also too expensive for some of the homeowners.full-on-bathroom-to-your-home

In most of the occasions, plumbing overhaul is done in the basements where the bathroom drain is below the level of the main drain line. When the gravitational pull is not sufficient to aid waste movement out of the house, you need an alternative means to transport it. The most common option is the macerating toilet, though, some people consider adding a sewage ejector pump.

What are Macerating Toilets, Anyway?

What are Macerating Toilets,When you flush a normal toilet, it will send the waste materials through the trap and into the waste line, and then into the main drain line to a septic tank or sewer. Since the drain line is below the toilet level, gravity will pull the waste into it. This is also what happens with tubs and sinks. Macerating toilets, also known as upflush toilets, sends waste material to a macerating unit that can be either located on the wall or behind the toilet. The waste is liquefied by high-powered blades and then forced out of the unit through a pipe tied to the main drain pipe.

Macerating toilets cost more than the ordinary toilets, but you can connect a smaller pipe to an existing system cheaply as compared to overhauling the entire thing. Whether it is a basement converted into a bedroom or a workshop toilet outside your home, you can install macerating toilets in a number of situations as long as they are situated within the range of the main drain. However, this range is controlled by the pump power which varies from one model to another. Normally, the vertical lift is somewhere between 10 and 15 feet while the horizontal run is somewhere between 100 and 150 feet.

Macerating Toilet Installation and Use

What are Macerating Toilets,To install a macerating toilet is an easy task. The entire process can take about 6 hours when done by a professional installer. However, mistakes when installing should be avoided because a small mistake fault can lead to a major problem – this is the last thing any homeowner would want to experience because you will be dealing with a raw sewage.

It is advisable to check the instructions in the manual and ensure you follow them appropriately. it is also vital to ensure that the discharge pipe is the right one as well as ensuring that the unit is well vented. There are a few details that should not be taken for granted while installing the macerating toilets. If you keep an eye on those details, some major problems will be prevented. However, the unit should be installed near a mains power supply, though most of them come with a plug for a grounded outlet.

Macerator Pumps

Macerator pumps are commonly used by boaters or in a recreational camp. They help people to comply with the regulations concerning discharge. A holding tank is usually used to empty into before discharging into docksides. A macerator pump is typically designed for emptying a holding tank. It includes a bronze cutter that is used for grinding waste into small pieces.

Electric macerator pump can be used as macerators, used to pump a holding tank, or pump certain toilet types. They are very compact and require a small space for installation. The waste to be discharged is passed through a bronze cutter to reduce the size of the particles, and then the impeller pump forces it through a hose pipe.

It breaks up solid particles to reduce the risk of clogging.

Can be used to pump into a holding tank or empty a holding tank

It requires small amount of water to flush the waste (if it is installed on the tank’s input side)

It may require between 10 to 15 amps of power depending on the model